You’ve been using your dishwasher all wrong – how to instantly give yourself more room if it gets full | The Sun

HAVE you ever been frustrated when your dishwasher has been full and you still have dishes to go inside?

A TikTok user was left amazed after discovering there was a way of immediately making more space.

User @truearthmovement uploaded a video showing their new hack, and it has racked up 40,000 likes.

They wrote: “I was todays year old when I learned my dishwasher could do this.”

The social media user showed how they detached their cutlery section and then slotted it in the door. 

This freed up extra room for dishes to go in the racks.

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They wrote: “More room = less hand washing.”

Many people were quick to take to the comments, and many were amazed too.

One wrote: “Me too!”

Another person pointed out that this only works for certain models of dishwasher, and wrote: “Mine does not.”

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However, one user with the same machine added: “The top shelf can lower too… I have the same model.”

Meanwhile, some said they have been doing the hack for “years.”

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