You've been sleeping in the wrong position… this tennis ball hack can stop you snoring for good

SNORING can make you and your partner wake up feeling like you didn't catch a wink of sleep.

It can disturb both yours and your partners sleep quality and point toan actual health problem, like sleep apnea.

Luckily, sleep experts at Snore Lab have revealed how you can stop snoring once and for all.

And surprisingly, a tennis ball may be the answer.

The experts said many people end up snoring because they sleep on their back.

This is because sleeping on your back narrows the airways and causes obstructive breathing.


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The experts revealed the simple solution is to make sure you sleep on your side.

But if you find you attempt this but always wake up back on your back the sleep experts recommended using a tennis ball to help, or its technical term, tennis ball therapy.

They said: "Tape or sew one to the back of your pajamas to make sleeping on your back difficult.

"What do we do when faced with difficulty and discomfort? We naturally avoid it.

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"Now, crucially, sleeping on our side!"

They say any object large enough to be an obstruction to you sleeping on your back will do the trick.

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And the hack has been proven to work, as American soldiers in the American War of Independence used small ,filled rucksacks to stop themselves snoring and giving away their position to their enemy.

The experts also recommend to try sleeping with your back propped against something to prevent you rolling onto your back.

They recommend using pillows to keep you from turning.

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If you absolutely cannot sleep on your side, then try elevating your head to minimise narrowing your airways.

You can try a wedge pillow under your head or even stack up a few books under your mattress to slightly raise it.

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