You’ve been cutting pizza all wrong – this hack is super easy and mess-free and you don't need any utensils

WHO doesn’t love a pizza?!

It’s a staple Friday night treat that is perfect for satisfying your cravings after a hard week at work.

While the majority of takeaway pizzas will arrive at your door already slightly cut, we often find that we still have to tug a bit to separate the slices. 

And for those that get the kitchen utensils out to do this, you might want to have a re-think.

It turns out that we’ve actually been cutting pizza wrong and there’s no need to be faffing about with a pizza cutter or even scissors. 

If you’re planning on ordering a takeaway pizza this weekend, you may want to learn the proper way to cut it first.

One TikTok user and food fanatic, ‘eatmorebmore’ from Baltimore posted the hack to TikTok with the caption ‘Pizza hack’.

The video shows a takeaway pizza in a box with what many may describe as a little white table in the middle.

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This little white table that often arrives in your pizza box is often believed to be there to prevent the pizza sticking to the top of the box.

But this food fanatic has revealed it can actually be used to cut your pizza – it’s simple, fuss-free and requires no washing up.

What more could you want?! 

The user said: “How old were you when you learned what this little tool in the pizza box did?” 

Many TikTok users were unaware that the white table could be used to cut pizza and expressed this in the comments.

One user said: “Today years old.”

Another commented: “Just learnt that.” 

A third added: “I actually found out what the purpose is… I feel like a God.” 


At the time of writing, the video had only been live on TikTok for five days, but had already racked up a whopping 1.7million views. 

It has 23.5k likes, 2,951 comments and 3,752 shares. 

However, there were many TikTok users that were not keen on the idea of using the little tool to cut pizza. 

One person said: “It’s not for that. It’s to prevent the top of the box from smushing the pizza.” 

Another added: “It’s so the cheese doesn’t stick to the pizza box.”

A third commented: “But it’s not meant for that… lol.” 

One user even said: “I’ve never seen that thing in my life.”

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