Year of the Rooster: What does the Chinese zodiac mean?

CHINESE culture dictates that the Rooster can ward off evil spirits, therefore ancient monks would drink wine mixed with rooster blood to protect them.

The Rooster occupies the tenth position in the Chinese zodiac, after the monkey, and before the dog.

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What years are the Year of the Rooster?

Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, and 2017.

Which celebrities are Roosters?

Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Chris Evans and Britney Spears are all Roosters.

What are the personality traits of the Rooster?

Roosters are straightforward, decisive, and serious about their careers. These no-nonsense animals are perfectionists are criticize what they deem unfit.

Roosters are resilient and push forward no matter what the circumstances. If someone is blocking their path, they will reveal their fierce side. They are terrifying to anger.

Family and friends is where they find their respite. Roosters want a large family as they grow older.

Roosters want to be loved and validated and they need a large support system to uplift them.

What will happen for the Rooster in 2021?

Roosters and Ox's are compatible animals. Therefore, in the year 2021, which is the year of the Ox, Roosters will subsequently be blessed with good fortune.

The Rooster should aim high professionally and personally, as it's a great year for the Rooster to achieve their goals.

Luck dictates that this animal will have an unstoppable year.

What different kinds of Rooster are there?

Metal Rooster: Decisive, logical, popular. Need to work on communication and social skills.

Water Rooster: Proud but not boastful. Intuitive, supportive. They love beautiful things. These Roosters work well with others.

Wood Rooster: Jokesters, emotional, they crave affection. Rely on others too much, need to learn to become independent.

Fire Rooster: Have strong time management skills and are trustworthy. Organized. They have rocky relationships, but will settle in their middle ages.

Earth Rooster: Active, social, reliable, patient. Smooth career life, no efforts go to waste. Danger of becoming too proud.

What zodiac animals is the Rooster compatible with?

The Rooster is the most compatible with the Dragon. The Rooster is supportive of the Dragon's endeavors, and are proud of their accomplishments.

Snakes are able to discuss life with the Rooster, the two are suited to chase their dreams together. The Ox's conservative ways fit well with the Rooster's personality.

The Rooster and the Rabbit clash strongly as their opinions are too different. They cannot understand each other.

Horses are also incompatible with Dogs, they fight often, can't compromise and foster a hostile environment.

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