Woman stuns by PAINTING her fabric bed to give it a totally new lease of life

EVER wanted to change a piece of furniture in your house but what you already have works fine and you don't want to spend a fortune to replace it?

Well one TikToker may have found a way around this – when she wanted to change her bed, instead of buying a new one this savvy saver just painted the one she already owned.

Posting a clip to TikTok, Kate from @new_build_forever_home shared how she told her husband she was going to paint the bed, to which he replied “what?”

We have to say, the idea of painting the fabric headboard has us agreeing with the husband, but for Kate the gamble appears to have paid off.

One viewer commented that the paint will eventually dry and flake off, to which Kate responded “Nope, it’s perfect over a year on.”

Another TikToker suggested a different quick fix for changing your bed, writing; “you could just buy fabric and a staple gun…”

If you decide to do this at home, just be sure to choose paint that won’t release harmful chemicals in your bedroom.

Kate says that the paint she chose was “water based and low voc so no different than sleeping in a room painted in decent paint I’d say.”

She discussed further the type of paint she used and how long-lasting the results have been, saying: “Looks great, no running off or flaking. It’s chalk paint. Kind of dyes the fabric.”

Some commenters shared their own stories of doing similar DIY work, with one saying they painted their “crushed velvet bed” and it “turned out great.”

Another shared a slightly different method for changing the colour of your bed frame, writing: “I dyed my bed from grey to black.. fabric dye in a spray bottle with plastic sheets behind it..”

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