Woman shows off her incredible tattooed figure but everyone’s saying the same thing about her inkings | The Sun

A WOMAN was inundated with comments about her incredible tattoos that cover most of her body.

When social media user @tattedflapzz posed for all to see the inkings that span the entirety of her legs, plus her upper body and bum, her followers quickly said they’d mistook them for something else.  

TikToker @tattedflapzz filmed herself wearing a pair of thong bikini bottoms and a top so that her body art was fully on show. 

As she spun around to show her extensive tats – which include a large female head on her outer thigh as well as countless other intricate designs – she also revealed that there was one place of her body that was totally tat free.

@tattedflapzz said: “Everyone’s like, ‘when are you going to get your belly tattooed?’ Right? 

“I’m leaving it! I’ve committed to leaving it the hell alone because I’m tatted, bruv.” 

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But as she opened up about her body art, her 160k plus followers were distracted by something else. 

That’s because many of them said they hadn’t realised the black and white inkings were tattoos – and thought they were a pair of trendy patterned trousers instead.

People quickly flocked to the comment section to have their say – and it seems most were in agreement. 

One wrote: “First glance I thought you were wearing pants – love the tats.”

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A second person said: “I thought you had leggings on to begin with. Your ink is amazing.”

While a third joined the social media conversation, as they typed: “Girl, I legit thought you were wearing tights.

“Beaut though.” 

Elsewhere, people were also keen to have their say on whether she should leave her belly blank, or opt for even more body art.

On the one hand, some said that they thought she’d made the right decision.

One person commented: “The contrast works – leave it.”

A second echoed their thoughts, as they said: “Good decision – leaves for speculation.”

But at the other end of the spectrum, others said they thought that she would end up back in the tattoo artist’s chair in no time. 

A TikTok user wrote: “You will eventually change your mind!”

A second also thought the same, as they typed: “Famous last words. Let’s give it a couple of years and see if you do…”

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