Woman shows how to save £166 with zero effort thanks to Smarties tube hack

IF you find saving money a struggle, we may have an easy trick for you. 

A woman has shared how you can save £166 using a tube of Smarties – and it could help out with the next Christmas presents or bills. 

TikTok user @chantelleef uploaded a video showcasing her simple money-saving hack.

She wrote: “This is your sign to collect Smarties tubes and £2 coins.”

Chantelle showed how she had managed to fill her sweets tube to the brim with coins. 

When she emptied the money out on the table, she realised she had managed to save a whopping £166. 

Many people seemed keen to try the hack, particularly if it meant eating some chocolate at the same time. 

One said: “So we need to spend our money on Smarties first? Sounds like a plan to me.”

Another added: “That’s a good idea.”

However a third wrote that they only ever get a £2 coin “every few months”, so it would take them ages to be able to save 83 of them. 

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