Woman shows disgusting reason you should always close the loo lid before flushing (unless you want a faecal fountain)

A WOMAN has revealed why you should always, we repeat, ALWAYS, put your toilet seat down before you flush – because a "faecal fountain" is not something you want to contend with.

TikTok user Kristin, from Canada, said she saw a video ten years ago which traumatised her so much that she's kept up the habit since.

The clip has garnered a whopping 1.5 million likes and we bet those people are relieved to have come across the life-changing video – because we certainly are.

In it, Kristin shared a snippit from a show which detailed exactly how much bacteria gets splattered across the entire bathroom every time you flush – and it's not just faecal matter but urine too.

In what appears to be a TV show, the man who is later referred to as Doctor, explains: "When you pee you get this splatter, this sort of fountain of life splattering back out from the toilet.

"And when you poop it's worse. It's kind of a faecal fountain."

To test the theory, a man does his business in the loo (don't worry, it was just a number one).

The Doctor then turns off the bathroom light and whips out a nifty UV black light instead, which reveals exactly how many germs fly out into the air with every flush.

Upon flushing, you can see illuminated dots splatter across the room landing on anything within ten feet – including the man's razor and his toothbrush.

These illuminated specs are, of course, the bacteria jumping up out of the loo – and it's really, really gross.

Kristin appears again in the clip and says: "Now if that video doesn't traumatise you enough, think about the fact that public bathrooms don't have toilet seat lids."

Taking to the comments, one person wrote: "Oh hellll no. Thank you for this. Never leaving it up again."

And alongside a 'sick' emoji, another said: "I knew I shouldn't watch this and I did it anyways. I'll never see it the same."

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