Woman gives her floor a completely new look using just paper and GLUE & totally splits opinion

A WOMAN has completely divided opinion by using glue and torn up paper to refurbish her floor. 

While some think the finished look is gorgeous, others say it looks untidy and the papered floor won’t stand the test of time.

In a Hometalk DIY video, a woman says that her office carpet needed to be replaced, “but it just wasn’t in the budget”.

She says, however, that “torn and crumpled paper” was within her means.

Though the technique may remind you of making papier-mâché at primary school, many commenters say it’s durable flooring.

The woman describes exactly how to DIY this flooring, and she says it cost her less than $100 (£70). 

She explains: “Mixing equal parts of glue and water I made the paste for the floor.

“Using a wide paint brush, I applied the glue to the floor, making sure I got under the baseboards.

“Then, I laid down the paper and brushed the glue on top.

“I continued to apply the glue to the floor, then the torn paper, and then more glue over top of the torn paper.”

Then, to make the floor more durable, she applies a few other ingredients. 

She says: “After the glue dried, I applied stain to the floor using a foam roller. 

“After the stain dried, I applied coat after coat of polyurethane.”

The woman says she loves the finished product, but the technique has divided opinion among viewers.

Some were concerned about the durability of a paper floor.

“Does not last….alot of upkeep”, wrote one viewer, while another asked: “Paper floor? How long will that last?”

Others said the DIY paper and glue floor looked untidy.

One critical viewer wrote: “You can see every seam in the subfloor. You could possibly get away with this on concrete slab, but it would show cracks if you had them. And high traffic would wear that down QUICK.”

And a second agreed: “I saw a lot of wrinkles in the paper AFTER it was done. Not good.”

“Hard pass on that”, added another. 

Some, however, thought the look was gorgeous and attested to the sturdiness of paper flooring.

One viewer said she’d tried the technique and it the paper flooring had lasted her six years. 

“That is incredible!!!! Love it!”, enthused another viewer, while a third wrote: “Wow. Awesome.”


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