Woman claims her 'car must have' is a game changer if you need a wee on the road – but others don’t see the point | The Sun

A WOMAN has sparked controversy after the "must have" product she always keeps in her car.

Crystal took to TikTok to rave about a female urination device she'd bought from Amazon, which means you can do a wee "anytime, any place and any where".

It starts life as a small, square packet, which can be kept in the car until you're caught short on the road.

It can then be taken out of the packet, with the opening at the top perfectly shaped to prevent any leakages.

Inside the packet is crystals which absorb the liquid, and make it easy to throw it away.

"If you’re ever stuck in traffic or on a road trip and don’t have a bathroom nearby, you need this she=pee," she said.

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"Say goodbye to roadside emergencies!" Crystal captioned her video.

And while Crystal insisted the product was a game changer on the road, other people weren't quite as convinced.

"Nahh … I'm peeing behind a bush," one wrote.

"Girl we from the country, we ain't afraid to pop a squat," another added.

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"Well……. No," a third commented.

"I just let it flow out somewhere on grass," someone else wrote.

"Pull over and go on the side of the road lol," another added.

While someone else shared another use for the product, writing: "Im gonna put it out there great for throwing up as well.

"I’m pregnant and my morning sickness was horrible, carried these in my car, a lifesaver."

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