Why Kate Middleton’s style is so ‘renowned’ – ‘worth £1billion to the UK fashion industry’

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Kate Middleton is undoubtedly one of the most stylish members of the Royal Family. When she joined the Firm, royal commentators would discuss her effect on British fashion. The ‘Kate Middleton effect’ refers to the trend effect that the Duchess of Cambridge has on fashion.

In March 2011, after the announcement of their first public engagement, the website ‘What Kate Wore’ was launched.

The website comments on the outfits chosen by the Duchess, as well as providing links to the designers of said outfits.

According to Newsweek: “The Kate Effect may be worth £1billion to the UK fashion industry.”

Meanwhile Tony DiMasso, L.K.Bennett’s US president said in 2012: “When she does wear something, it always seems to go on a waiting list.”

In particular, Kate’s hairstyles are considered extremely influential in the British fashion market.

Kate’s full fringe debut is the most influential hairstyle in the Royal Family ever.

Searches for the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair rose by 426 percent above average after she debuted the new hairstyle.

Kate’s wedding hair and hairstyle after the birth of Prince George were the second and third most influential hairstyles respectively.

The study, conducted by hair experts Longevita, analysed Google Trends data to establish which of the Duchess of Cambridge’s hairstyles sparked the most interest online.

The most popular hairstyle was Kate’s full fringe, which debuted in September 2015.

The second most influential hairstyle from Kate was her wedding hairstyle from April 2011.

The Duchess broke a 350-year-old tradition by wearing her hair down for the occasion and searches for the hairstyle rose 336 percent above average.

The third most influential hairstyle of Kate’s was her hairstyle after Prince George’s birth in July 2013.

The blow-dry style saw searches for ‘Kate Middleton hair’ rise by 321 percent above the average monthly volume.

In November 2013, Kate debuted highlights, causing the fourth highest spike in interest for her hair.

Interest for the Duchess’ hair rose 305 percent above the average search volume.

Kate’s fifth most influential hairstyle was in November 2012 when Kate showed off her curtain bangs for the very first time.

This caused a search interest spike of 231 percent.

A spokesperson for Longevita commented on the findings for

They said: “The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her elegant and timeless style and the same goes for her hairstyles.

“Her signature hairstyle of long brown locks are also easily emulated with the term ‘Kate Middleton haircut’ having over 3,400 monthly searches, with people wanting to style their hair in the same way.”

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