What is the purpose of astrology?

Most of us know what our star sign is – and many will regularly read up on the impact this has on our lives.

But why is it a good idea to know this, and how can knowing your sign help you in your day-to-day life?

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What is the purpose of astrology?

Astrology is on the rise, especially among millennials. One of the reasons for astrology's growing popularity is that it helps to explain the existence of different personality types and tendencies.

Knowing your sign can help you understand why you get emotional so easily (looking at you, Cancer), or why boredom is the worst punishment imaginable to you (Gemini, anyone?).

Or maybe you feel you’re in your natural element when you’re organising the clothes in your wardrobe by colour (quite a Virgo thing to do!).

Knowing someone else’s sign can also help explain why another person grates on your nerves, or why you click like you’ve known each other for a million years: it’s simply written in the stars.

A lot of people also find astrology helpful for making life decisions. If you know you’re a sensitive and devoted Cancerian, you can use this awareness to help you.

Knowing your star sign can help you find the right job (something nurturing is good for Cancers, like a teacher or nurse), the right home (it’s important for a Cancerian to feel comfortable), and even the right romantic partner (someone who’s emotionally open and non-judgmental is best!).

At the same time, astrology is so much more than your star sign. Paying attention to things like the phases of the moon and lunar and solar eclipses can help you to balance your life and plan things so that they happen at the most fruitful and beneficial time.

For instance, if you’re planning a wedding, you might wish to tie the knot on a full moon when energy and passion are heightened.

On the other hand, if you’re beginning a new business venture or starting a course of study, the new moon energy can help aid this new beginning and encourage positive movement toward achieving your goals.

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