We're pest experts and our four tips will banish annoying pigeons from your garden for good – and they cost just pennies | The Sun

PEST gurus have shared how to effectively get rid of pigeons from your garden with four inexpensive methods.

Although harmless, pigeons can become menace when they choose your home and garden as a nesting ground, especially once they start leaving droppings all over the place.

Their faeces are highly acidic and can stain surfaces, even making them deteriorate quicker.

Whilst it is illegal to harm pigeons, their nests (while they’re occupied), and their eggs, there are humane ways to deter the birds for good.

Don’t feed them

One of the biggest mistakes, as reported by The Express, is feeding pigeons in the first place – as with most animals, the abundance of food will attract these birds.

However, it's worth reminding that spring and early summer is when natural food is scare, so it's also the most important time to feed wild animals.


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When cutting off the food supply, it's not just the adult birds that will go hungry – their chicks will too.

Use reflective surfaces

An oldie but a goodie is the CD trick, a hack that can also be done with other shiny surfaces, such as foil.

The reflective surfaces create a prism effect that can temporarily affect the pigeons’ eyesight, making it uncomfortable for them.

This, in turn, means "they won’t bother nesting near them, or come back", Fantastic Pest Control explained.

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Spray them with a hose

According to the professionals, this trick will only work as a deterrent if you catch the birds before they start building nests around your property.

Here, simply grab your hose and use it to squirt them with water.

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Alternatively, you can purchase an automatic water jet to protect parts of your garden, the experts advised.

Scatter strong spices

These annoying birds are believed to dislike the scent of cinnamon, black pepper, as well as chilli spice.

One way of deterring them is placing the spaces in fabric bags that can be hung up, or simply scattering the powder on soil or grass.

But be reminded – the spices will need to be topped up regularly, especially on days when it rains.

You can also make a spray – simply infuse one in boiling water, transfer into a spray bottle and spray on plants around the garden.

The spice trick is a two-in-one, as foxes and cats dislike these spices too.

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