We swapped our £1,200 a month home to live in a van for just £20 a month – it's amazing & we can travel wherever we want

A COUPLE have swapped £1,200 a month rent to live in a van for just £20 a month.

Chris Buxton and Reanna Mash, both 28, bought the £2,800 used Mercedes Luton, dubbed “Ruby”, in lockdown.

They spent £10,000 fitting it with a bathroom, kitchen, living area and king-size bed — and getting rid of wasp and spider infestations.

They and dog Rupert moved into it in March.

Ex-mechanic Chris said: “I was sick of paying rent to greedy landlords who never had our best interests at heart.

“We now own our home and all we pay for is the heating costs.

“We also have the amazing ability to travel wherever we want.”

The couple, of Exeter, Devon, next aim to buy land in Portugal where they can keep the van and enjoy the sunshine.

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