Universal Standard becomes world's most size-inclusive brand

It’s a good day for the fashion world.

First, Prada announced that it would no longer be using fur in its products.

Then Universal Standard – a global retailer that was founded in the US – announced it will offer clothes in sizes ranging from 4 to 44, making it the most size-inclusive clothing line in the world.

This will also apply to the brand’s denim offering and waist sizes will run from 25in to 68in.

Sizing is a well-known issue within fashion, because more often than not shoppers will fit into one size in a particular retailer, but then not the same size in another.

Sometimes brands also get measurements wrong altogether, such as this size eight dress from Pretty Little Thing, that was so small it fit the shopper’s four-year-old daughter, while she herself could barely get it over her head.

Another issue is when fashion brands lack size inclusivity in models, and rarely show off what bigger sizes will look like on the body.

To counteract this, Universal Standard has launched ‘See It In Your Size’, a function which allows its customers to see the item they want to buy on a model who is that same size.

In addition, the retailer has a collection called Fit Liberty, which allows women to exchange the pieces they have purchased within a year for a new size. This way, women aren’t forced to buy an entirely new item should they lose or gain a few pounds.

All returned items from this line will be donated to organisations that help women get back to work, as well as become financially independent.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman, both of whom were tired of the lack of sizing available to them in high street stores.

They said that ‘all women weren’t given the same level of style, quality or even respect’.

Unfortunately Universal Standard doesn’t ship to the UK or Europe (yet).

But we’ve got our fingers crossed it’ll happen soon.

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