Trolls slam my luxury life as a stay-at-home girlfriend to my millionaire man, 22, as ‘boring’ and ‘dull’ but I love it | The Sun

A “stay-at-home girlfriend” has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her lavish daily life taking care of her millionaire partner’s needs – with users mocking the “boring” routine.

Kendel Kay, 25, who lives in Puerto Rico, US, shared a clip of herself going about her morning routine at home, much of which revolved around entrepreneur boyfriend Luke Lintz, 22.

The influencer, who doesn’t have a job, spends her days holidaying with Luke – who runs a PR company worth over $8.1 million – and frolicking on private jets.

She often shares pictures of herself decked out in luxury brands with Louis Vuitton and Dior handbags retailing over $1,000 each, and fans have been dying to get an inside look at her lavish lifestyle.

But after Kendel shared a clip of her usual morning routine on TikTok, she was met with ridicule from trolls who dubbed it “dull”.

In the clip, the influencer starts the post by filling up water bottles and coffees for them both, making green juices, an iced latte with homemade almond milk with Luke, and tidying their bedroom.


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She then does her “very long” 20-minute skincare routine – involving the use of an LED face mask and rolling ice over her face.

Kendel then writes for five minutes in her journal before going for a walk on the beach and gets another coffee with her partner of 18-months.

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She then accompanies him to the gym for a workout, before making them both smoothie bowls.

Kendel then has a second matcha drink and plans out the rest of her day using a planner – something that was later ridiculed online.

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She posted the clip on TikTok (@kendelkay) with her 414,000 followers.

While the popular post garnered 6.9 million views and nearly 300,000 likes, viewers were left divided in the comments section.

"Anyone else wondering what she writes in her planner?" wrote one.

A second commented: "I wish this was my life."

A third penned: "Morning routine as an unemployed person who does everything for Luke."

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Meanwhile, a fourth wrote : "As someone who had to stay at home, I feel so sad. I hope you'll find something more fulfilling because this looks isolating."

Another added: "I want to stay home, too."

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