TOWIE’s Dani Imbert shares her 28p hack for making your waist look smaller and it couldn't be simpler

GETTING A small waist can involve a strict diet and hours working out at the gym.

But The Only Way Is Essex’s Dani Imbert has shared her simple DIY hack for making your waist look smaller and it couldn’t be simpler.

Dani uploaded the video to TikTok, with the caption ‘If you don’t know, get to know’.

She added the question “Why do you tie the back of your jeans up with a shoelace?” to which she said: “The girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t.” 

In the video we see Dani using a shoelace, tied through the back belt hooks, to tighten her jeans at the waist.

Dani ties the shoelace in a bow and you can instantly see her loose jeans change to a more tighter-fitting look, showing off her waist. 

This not only makes the jeans fit better, but also avoids needing to use a belt, which may not go with every outfit.

This simple hack clearly highlights Dani’s tiny waist, and if your jeans are slightly too big, it’s definitely worth a try. 

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If this sounds like something you would want to do, you can buy shoelaces for as cheap as 28p on Ali Express. 

What’s not to love?! 

Dani’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up 94k views. 

It has 2,993 likes, 39 comments and 89 shares.

Many TikTok users were seriously impressed with this clever hack and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Great Idea!” 

Another added: “This is such a good idea.” 

A third commented: “Oh I have to try this!!!!!” 

Another said: “Omg love this tip!!”

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