TikTok craze sees teen lads getting perms like 1970s footie stars

HAIR we go again! Teenage lads are getting perms like 1970s footie stars thanks to a new TikTok craze.

But the curly mop wannabes are having to turn to old school hair salons for their retro barnets as modern stylists have never done them.

Trend-setting teens risk looking like action replays of Liverpool midfielder Terry McDermott, England legend Kevin Keegan and Arsenal’s centre forward Alan Sunderland.

The craze started last year in the US — but has spread to the UK.

Hairdresser Katie Pearce told The Sun: “We get a couple of requests for perms every day now, which we haven’t had since I first started in the 1980s.

“It’s all teenage boys and lads in their 20s. You’re talking tightly rolled short hair close to the scalp — but you need a bit of length for it.”

Perm clips posted on TikTok have so far had nearly one billion views.

British user @itsdanhz posted his new style and wrote: “So I decided to get a perm. What do you think?”

Curly-haired celebs like US actor Timothee Chalamet, 25 — star of the forthcoming Dune film — are also thought to be an influence.

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