Thrifty mums share easy ways to add space to your home and some of the tips will give you more room for NOTHING – The Sun

IF you're desperate for more space in your home but can't afford an extension, listen up – because there are ways to create loads more room without breaking the bank.

DIY enthusiasts have revealed the clever tweaks you can make to your home to add more storage or create the illusion of another room, and the good news is these hacks are cheap and incredibly easy.

The creative ideas have been thought up by DIY fans who desperately sought extra space in their homes but simply couldn't afford renovations.
From creating new rooms out of furniture or room dividers to adding in furniture in clever positions, some DIY fans have found ways to create new rooms.

And others have created more space by turning small storage spaces into bedrooms or chill out spaces.

We've rounded up some of the best ideas to make the most of the space in your home.

Divide and Conquer

While there's no way to magic up another room in your house, getting a room divider is a great alternative.

Weary parents who are sick of listening to their kids row over sharing a room will be thrilled by this hack, which gives older kids some privacy.

Parents particularly love B&Q's wall dividers, called Karalis, have emerged as the most popular method to split a room, and cost £57 each.

Some creative folk have even painted the dividers in different colours to match the decor of the bedroom.

Much Bedder

One mum with two daughters who wanted their own space came up with a genius way to split their shared room in two.

As we reported previously, the savvy DIY fan used one high-up bed in the centre of the room and added the bed frame and extra wooden panels to split the space in half.

To create the illusion of two separate rooms, the mum decorated each side differently – one with a pink, yellow and white colour scheme and the other with cool blue tones.

Hidey Hole

The parents of two pre-teens who constantly argued over their shared room came up with a clever solution to give them both private space.

By adding dry wall between the two double beds, the parents were able to give their  kids space of their own.

They also added secret TVs inside – and the mum she said she has “two very happy girls now”.

Dream Den

Many of us have storage areas around the house that we use for old clothes, Christmas decorations and other bits and bobs.

One way to create new space in the home is to utilize these rooms to make the most of every nook and cranny.
Creative parents have done just that, by turning storage space into chill out nooks or even bedrooms for their kids.

One mum whose daughter had a tiny bedroom turned a junk cupboard into a stunning chill out area to give her more room. 

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