Three ways to have quiet sex when you’re visiting the family during the festive holidays

DON'T get us wrong – we love seeing our extended family over the Christmas holidays.

But nothing kills the mood quite like knowing your loved ones can hear your EVERY movement on the old sofa bed.

Sound familiar? Then Trojan Condoms has shared three ways to have super quiet sex over the festive season.

And you'll be kicking yourself you never thought of these before.

Posting on their TikTok account, the team kicked things off by reminding couples to put padding behind their headboards to stop it repeatedly hitting the wall.

Trust us – if you don't bother to do it, it's pretty much guaranteed your great-aunt will put two and two together.


But don't worry, you don't need to stuff all your pillows in the gap as the team insisted "socks will do just fine".

Alternatively, if the bed you're in groans every time you roll over in it then the floor is your next best option.

They added: "Drop it to floor. Pillows are always appreciated!"

Not only will they make things more comfortable for you but lying on a pillow means your floorboards won't creak as much.

Tend to be vocal in bed? Then the Trojans team have a tip for that too.

They said: "If you're typically loud in bed, go in for a kiss instead."

And if you're using condoms, the video ends by re-iterating how important it is to bury them in bottom of the bin to avoid getting found out.

Explaining how they put one of the tips into practice, one viewer wrote: "My husband's grandma walked into our room and shoved a pillow behind the headboard before she left for bed.

"Grandma wasn't going to listen to that."

Another added: "The fourth hack didn't work – his parents went through his trash and found it…"

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