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WHETHER you've overindulged in chocolates or are struggling to muster up the energy to get off the sofa, the Christmas period can be quite the mood kill when it comes to the bedroom.

But if you're looking to keep things frisky this December – then we've got the perfect present for you.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, sexpert Gillian Myhill, who is the co-founder of dating app SIZZL, has shared her top six tips to help add a bit of spice this festive season…

Sexy outfits

According to Gillian, sexy outfits are a great way of alluring yourself to potential or current partners.

"One idea could be to give yourself as a present to be unwrapped, or wear some skimpy Christmas themed lingerie to give your partner a lovely surprise," she suggests.

Take a break

Christmas can be intense, and exhausting, spending time with family, and trying to fit all of our best laid plans in, it can be difficult to find time, or the mindset for friskiness.



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So, if you’re with someone, the sex expert recommends booking a break away over Christmas to escape all of the madness, and spend quality, cosy time together.

"Envision a cabin, fireplace and rolling around naked on the fur rug with a bottle or 5 of champagne," she suggests.

"If you’re not with anyone, and looking for some friskiness, take time out for yourself, and either spend some quality time alone (frisky doesn’t need to have a partner), or maybe explore some dating apps, and give yourself a kinky Christmas thrill."

Sexy games

Gillian notes that sexy games are becoming more popular, and says there are lots of fun options to choose from.

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"There's everything from sex dice, to board games and even app…and nothing beats a good game of strip poker," she explains.

"You can play these with your partner, or to break the ice with a hook up. And if you’re feeling particularly kinky, in a group!"

Kinky stocking fillers

According to the sexpert, toys are a great way to bring some new excitement to your relationship.

"If you’ve not experimented with sex toys before, maybe try a vibrator or some soft ties and a blindfold, and play around with different textures and sensations," she says.

"I’d recommend buying a pre-Christmas treat for your partner to
open on Christmas Eve or before, to have some fun ahead of the big day."

She continues: "One kinky activity I would recommend is buying a remote controlled vibrator and getting your partner to use it on you randomly throughout the day."

"Just obviously be aware of family members and children if they’re around, to avoid any embarrassing or awkward situations."

Gillian also suggests buying each other sex cheques, which you can cash in throughout the year to keep that Christmas flame burning.

Sex parties

The sexpert says that if you want to go all the way at Christmas, go to a sex party.

"You can do this single, or as a couple, and you can do it all on your terms," she explains.

"Most big parties will have Christmas events, and sex clubs will be open, so do whatever tickles your fancy, if you fancy."

Keep it simple

Gillian points out that intimacy doesn’t need to be complicated.

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"Just taking time out over the busy Christmas period to spend time together, or spending time by yourself can be enough," she says.

"Setting the scene, running a sensual bath, walking around naked,
buying new underwear and even watching porn or a kinky film are all good ways to make you feel frisky and put the Christmas spirit in you."

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