Sun readers strip for a dip in a bath of Skittles just like rapper Lizzo – The Sun

PLUS-SIZE singer Lizzo electrified Instagram with a naked snap of herself covered in Skittles sweets.

In defiance of fat shamers she wrote, “Taste the rainbow b***h”, in a nod to the brand’s famous slogan. Yasmin Harisha talks to four women inspired by Lizzo’s look to taste a bit of the rainbow, too. . .

'Weight is just a number'

MUM-OF-THREE Gemma Watson, 36, from Norwich, is a size 18 to 20.

She says: “I was always the bigger one at my school.

"I was called names, and of course it got to me.

"I would diet but nothing would dramatically change.

"I decided to embrace my curves – I think I have them all in the right places.

"I’ve been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid, which has made losing weight quite difficult.

"I do believe weight is just a number.

"I’ve not weighed myself in ages as it doesn’t really matter.

"Last time I was about 16st 7lb.”

'Love your body as it is'

SINGLE Kasia Henriikka, 34, from Peckham, South London, works as a tech consultant and is a size 20.

She says: “I have always wanted to be the main focus in the room and I am absolutely beautiful, stylish and sexy in all sizes.

"I am very comfortable with my weight.

“I think Lizzo is amazing for what she is doing.

"She is repping it for the big girls, and so she should be.

“I am healthy, I exercise twice a week.

"I have been size 16, 18 and 20 and I want everyone to love their body as it is.”

'Real women are curvy'

KYESHA SINCLAIR, 25, from Willesden, North West London, is mum to her three-year-old son Roshaye and is a size 16 to 18.

She says: "I have scars all over my body – stretch marks on my belly, on my arms.

"But I don’t care.

"I used to get bullied about it, but now I think, ‘I shouldn’t associate myself with you’.

"I know I am amazing and that is all.

"I say curves are sexy and I embrace that everybody is born different and curvy women are the real women.”

'I know my body is healthy'

STUDENT Carmen Micheli, 23, from East Acton, West London, is a size 16.

She says: “I am very open about my size.

"I tell people what it is and if people ask I tell them that it doesn’t define my health or worth.

“I know my body, and I know when it feels healthy and when it doesn’t so I operate on that basis to either change my diet or improve my training time.

"My mum has even mentioned dieting to me, and I have had it all my life, but I just ignore it.

"I know I am healthy and I love my curves.”

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