Stomach-churning moment head lice expert removes thousands from a girl's hair after suffering for YEARS | The Sun

A HEAD LICE expert has revealed the stomach-churning video of a girl with millions of nits.

The woman who goes by The Lice Angel on social media shared the video and people were left aghast by how bad the nit infestation was.

"This sweet little girl comes into our clinic and I start going through her hair and noticed that she had so many impacted eggs in her hair, as well as lice," she said in the clip.

The haircare pro, from Texas, US, showed a close-up of the girl parting and the stomach-churning clip saw hundreds of lice crawling through her hair and scalp.

The case was so bad that the head lice expert decided to do the treatment for free.

"She's had these lice in her hair for many years," she explained.


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There were so many eggs in her locks that they had become stuck together creating huge clumps in her hair.

The next video saw the woman get to work at de-licing the young girl's hair.

She used a treatment her clinic makes and began combing through her hair to manually remove all of the lice and their eggs.

The results were gruesome, each time she pulled the nit comb through the water came out a dark, murky brown from the amount of nits and eggs being pulled out.

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We all know that getting nits can be embarrassing – despite most of us getting them during school, so the clinic offers private parking and entrance so it can be done discretely.

the young girl had to go through four sets of treatments to completely get rid of the infestation.

The clips posted to the TikTok account @theliceangels soon went viral, amassing over 10million views and 280k likes in total.

People were stunned by the scenes they saw and took to the comments to share their heartbreak for the young girl.

One person wrote: "Years… dear lord… thank you for helping her."

Another commented: "I love that you’re helping this family. I’m sure it was difficult for them to come to you. Thank you for making this easier on them."

"How does it get to this point? No judging but my kids have never had them that bad, first sign of an egg or lice and I'm on it," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I've had to help someone get rid of lice before and let me tell you. it takes SO much time and energy. thank you so much for doing this for her!!"


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