Stare at this mind-bending optical illusion for 20 seconds and what do you see?

A BAFFLING optical illusion is asking people to stare at a grid for 20 seconds to see how it changes. 

The Healing Grid looks lined up in the centre and disjointed on the left and right sides – but this changes thanks to a mind-boggling illusion. 

While it looks like a standard image at first, after glancing intently at the centre for 20 seconds, it may start to confuse you. 

After time, the regular grid pattern in the centre may start to spread so the “broken” portions at the side repair themselves before your eyes.

The Healing Grid was discovered by Ryota Kanai from Utrecht University in The Netherlands. 

It ended up being a finalist in the 2005 Best Illusion of the Year Contest.

It is thought the optical illusion works by the preference of the brain to see regular patterns. 

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