Stacey Solomon shows off huge garage sale haul and it all cost just £5.40

STACEY Solomon has shown off her huge garage sale haul, after stumbling upon the bargains yesterday.

Posting on her Instagram stories, the Loose Women presenter revealed she was heading to breakfast with partner Joe Swash when she saw the sales taking place.

A delighted Stacey, 30, explained: "We were on our way to go to the cafe for breakfast and everyone is having a garage sale.

"I can't believe my luck. Someone gave us a map THERES A MAP".

Stacey later showed herself and Joe scouring one stall for bargains.

She said: "I found a custard cream biscuit tin for bloomin 20p. I can't cope with the bargains…

"And Joe's starting to get into it he's buying tupplewear (Tupperware) for our caravan we don't have".

Updating her fans when they got home, Stacey said: "This is Joe's garage sale haul."

She added: "Joe got into it in the end. Now he wants to show you all what he's bought because he thinks he's got the best garage haul (crying with laughter emoji).

"He got a lemon juicer. A chicken (to put eggs in) even though I bought one the other day.

"Plates for a camper van we haven't decided on and a Hocus Pocus DVD."

Joe also got a "Willy the Worm" ornament, which Stacey labelled "the ugliest thing I've ever seen".

Stacey bragged: "My haul is so much better than Joe's.

"I've got my 20p custard cream tin. I'm going to try and restore it, maybe paint it or just scrub it up.

"I bought myself a little perfume bottle. I love these so much, they make me feel like I'm that lady from the Titanic. Really posh.

"These herb pots, all of them for £3. I couldn't believe it. I know I've already got herb pots but these are so pretty. I'm going to keep them out on the counter."

Stacey picked up five herb pots in total, all printed with the words "vintage herbs" and things like "basil" or "paprika".

She also bought a little brown vase, "which I loved", and a Little Brown Bag – the signature shopping bag from Bloomingdale's.

Stacey laughed: "So I can pretend I'm posh and have been shopping in Bloomingdale's."

She added: "So now you guys can decide who wins the garage sale because he's driving me mad. He thinks his hideous worm is worth something."

Thrifty Stacey's haul cost just £5.40 in total, while Joe's was £18.

Stacey said: "Those plates were bloomin expensive £10."

A huge 84 per cent of Stacey's followers voted for her haul in an Instagram poll.

But the mum-of-three did give Joe some credit, after seeing 15-month-old son Rex's adorable laughter in reaction to Hocus Pocus.

She said: "I'm waking (walking with) the hocus pocus DVD on my head and it's bringing Rex joy. Maybe it was a good buy @realjoeswashy".

Earlier this week, Stacey admitted she doesn’t shower every day and said she’ll just wash her ‘important bits’.

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