Recreate Kate Middletons bouncy hair with extensions

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When members of the Royal Family step out, all eyes are on them. From their eye-catching jewellery to perfectly blown-out hair, royal fans want to copy their style. An expert showed me how to get hair like Kate, Princess of Wales.

Not everyone is blessed with the thick and bouncy locks of Kate, Princess of Wales or Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Some experts think hair extensions could be part of the royal look – or at least essential for others looking to recreate it.

Olia Cutz, founder of London hair extension salon THE EXTENSIONIST, explained the royals may have used hair extensions as it is often difficult to tell.

She claimed: “In our opinion, we would say that Kate’s look is subtle, but if you are in the hair extension business then you can spot it.

As most of the royals’ hair is not overly long, I steered away from the longest extensions for a more modest look.

Upon arrival, my mid-length hair was colour matched perfectly with an array of different coloured tapes.

There are over 30 colours to choose from and my hair was matched with a mix of two which would help it blend more seamlessly into my natural hair.

The salon offers tapes and bonds, with tapes being used on my hair. These lie flat against the head making them near invisible.

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THE EXTENSIONIST experts’ clever placement means they remain hidden even when sporting a sky high ponytail – something Kate has worn in her hair many times.

The salon uses high quality real hair which makes it indistinguishable from the healthy locks of the royals.

European, Slavic Virgin and Brazilian hair are all on offer at different price points.

The hair is reusable so, if properly looked after, can be reapplied for up to one year, saving on costs when visiting the salon.

As someone who regularly gets highlights, I am used to spending hours in the salon chair. However, this process was much quicker and took around 45 minutes from start to finish.

At the end, the extensions were cut and styled into loose curls similar to those of the Princess of Wales.

While my hair is much lighter than Kate’s, the extensions gave a similar thickness and shine to the future Queen.

Prices vary by length and type of hair, a half head of extensions starts at £300 at THE EXTENSIONIST.

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