Prince Harry slammed as ‘beyond appalling’ over police protection row that is ‘hurting’ the Queen

A ROYAL biographer who spent a year with Prince Harry has blasted his decision to take legal action against the Government as "beyond appalling."

Angela Levin said she believes the Duke's behaviour has become "very challenging" and he's "hurting" his grandmother as it was revealed he is preparing for a court battle after being stripped of his bodyguards.

Harry hinted he's desperate to bring his children back to the UK – but feels it's too dangerous for the family without police protection.

His offers to pay for specially-trained cops have been rejected.

The Queen has not yet met Lilibet, who was named after her.

Her Majesty has faced a nightmarish week after making the decision to essentially banish second son Andrew from the Royal Family.

The crisis deepened today after news leaked that Harry is considering a judicial review.

Ms Levin said today: "I think his behaviour on this matter is beyond appalling.

"He keeps saying he loves his grandmother and admires her, but this is not the way you behave if you do."


And she said he's "completely changed" since she knew him.

"He told me many times he longed to be ordinary," she said.

"He loved going to the supermarket and buying his own food, because it gave him great pleasure to be normal. He was vivacious, intuitive and compassionate.

"And now here he is being so grand and pompous and superior."

Ms Levin says she believes Harry's move to sue will be "hurting" the Queen.

"She has really been so stoic and so devoted," she said.

"It's made her happy that she's got heirs to the throne, who look as if they can keep the Royal Family going, but with this behaviour, where people are destroying it from the inside, not the outside, is just terrible."

It comes as:

  • Andrew will reportedly not lose his £300,000-a-year security detail – despite being stripped of his titles
  • The Duke of York allegedly "shouted and screamed" if aides messed up his teddy bear collection
  • Accuser Virginia Giuffre has vowed to "destroy" the royal and leave him "broke", it's claimed
  • Beatrice, Eugenie and Fergie won't have to fly to New York to take the stand, according to court documents
  • One expert says Andrew could yet make a comeback – but will never serve on the royal frontline again

And Ms Levin said it appears Meghan and Harry may now not return to the UK for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year.

"The Queen would love to see the children, but I think it would be very difficult for them to do so now," she said.

Harry previously complained about the decision to remove his bodyguards in his bombshell interview with Oprah last March.

He said he was forced to bag multi-million pound deals with Netflix and Spotify because he needed to pay for his security.

Piers Morgan has also called Harry's timing "appalling" during a furious rant this morning.

The firebrand presenter, who resigned from Good Morning Britain following a spat with Meghan, said it was "absolutely chillingly inevitable" that the Sussexes would "pop their heads up again right when the Queen least wants them to".

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"I feel so sorry for the Queen. It's her Platinum Jubilee coming," he said.

"The timing of it so appalling.

"She's lost her husband, she's got this awful situation with Andrew, and now her grandson [who has been] baiting the Royal Family and the monarchy all year has popped up from his mansion in California to say that when he comes back to the UK he wants to have the British police protect him.

"Sorry mate, that's now how this works."

He said he doesn't "give a damn" if Harry is paying for protection or not.

"Why should the British police protect him?" he said.

"He's now a private citizen. He doesn't do any royal duties.

I don't give a damn if Harry pays or not – they just want to have their cake and eat it

"They're making hundreds of millions of dollars fleecing their royal titles, which they still have while simultaneously trashing Royal Family and monarchy.

"Now they want to have cake and eat it as always."

And he called for the Sussexes to have their royal titles taken away too.

"I wouldn't let them have royal titles. It's a brazen double standard.

"If you want royal titles, do royal duties," he said.

Harry's decision to launch legal action bookends a tumultuous few days for The Firm.

Andrew – who some claim is the Queen's "favourite" – learned he will face a civil court trial after he was accused of sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre, then 17.


The prince, who vehemently denies any wrongdoing, had hoped the case would be thrown out.

On Thursday, the monarch then met with the Duke of York to strip him of his titles during an emotional summit at Windsor.

He will face the trial as a private citizen.

The Queen came to her decision after a meeting with William and Charles, during which both future kings said Andrew's position is "grave" – and that he must withdraw from the family.

Andrew will no longer be able to use 'HRH', although he is likely to continue holding his dukedom as an Act of Parliament is needed to relinquish him of that title.

Angela said: "The Queen is 95. She's not been well. She's used to being very healthy and having a very full diary. She's lost all of that.

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