Primark directors outline hacks for cheaper clothes shopping – why Primark isnt online!

Liverpool: Shoppers arrive at Primark after easing of restrictions

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Britons are constantly searching for style secrets, hacks and tips to make their shopping more economical. The directors of Primark argue that their shop is the best for economical clothes shopping. Primark dominates the clothes retail competition in the UK with a very loyal following. It sells many of its clothes for less than £7, which is cheaper than buying most online retail.

With shopping online, Britons have to pay extortionate prices for clothes as well as delivery costs.

Merchandising directors for Primark such as Zoe Brown and Charley Beddows appeared on the programme, pointing out that queues after lockdown were the longest for Primark.

They argued that this is because people will not buy as much in Primark as opposed to shopping online.

With online shopping, a lot of it ends up being returned.

As Zoe said: “It’s pretty obvious why Primark isn’t online!”

When shopping for clothes on a budget, it’s best to avoid ‘sale’ signs.

Primark bosses argue that this does not always mean it is the cheapest option.

The company will always reduce prices if clothes are not selling and will replace them if they are not selling at all.

This ensures Primark is always one step ahead in the competition.

The company’s decisions are quicker due to less red tape.

By checking price drops constantly in Primark, Britons will save lots of money by buying clothes at a better deal.

Primark also uses cheaper materials which makes identical-looking clothes from other retailers more expensive.

This helps Britons to save a lot of cash.

Gym clothes are usually very expensive – however, Primark sells gym clothes for a much more affordable rate.

Primark spots the trends as soon as possible to ensure Britons have the most up to date clothes.

It has 400 stores worldwide and is planning on expanding 100 more in the next five years.

This has been achieved all by refusing to sell online.

Primark has even beaten clothing competitors such as Marks & Spencer.

It has unique advertising, with loyal customers doing the marketing for them.

Therefore Primark is the biggest clothing retailer in the UK, without doing traditional advertising on TV or billboards.

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