People are only just realising what those H symbols on yellow blocks in the street mean, and it's blowing their minds | The Sun

A MAN has left people mind-blown after revealing what the 'H' symbols on yellow blocks on the street actually mean.

Ollie has just moved to America, and was explaining some of the things about the suburbs in the US that are totally different than in the UK.

One of the things he referenced was their fire hydrants – which are large and above ground – prompting someone to ask him: "What do you guys have instead of fire hydrants? I'm so curious now."

Ollie responded in another video on TikTok, as he said: "Fire hydrants look totally different in the UK. I'll show you.

"So this is a typical setup, they're yellow and they've got a big 'H' for hydrant on it.

"You'll see these and it indicates that there's a hydrant in the ground.

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"So these things aren't the actual hydrant."

Using another picture as a better example, he said: "You've got the H for Hydrant here and then you've got this drain.

"You pop up the drain and the hydrant is underneath it. That's what firefighters access.

"You pop open the drain, it pops up and there's your hydrant."

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But his revelation left everyone stunned – not only American people in the comments.

The majority admitted they had no idea that was what the "H" signs meant.

"I've lived in England my whole life, I'm British. I never knew what these were," one wrote.

"I’ve never even once questioned what these are," another admitted.

"I didn’t either until someone on here asked what UK hydrants look like and I couldn’t answer," Ollie replied.

"Wait these are fire hydrants?? you fr?? what?" a third commented.

"What?" someone else said.

"I'm in England and always wondered what the yellow H are! Never even crossed my mind for that."

"I wish I was taught more things like this in school – it’s weird living with them everywhere, looking important, but no one knowing what they are," another admitted.

"Jesus Christ I'm in my 40s, lived in the UK my whole life & today find out we have these," someone else said.

As another wrote: "There’s literally one at the end of my front garden and I didn’t know what that’s what this is."

However, others insisted they've known for years what the signs mean.

"I'm really shocked at the number of Brits who DIDN'T know this, but I guess I'm old lol," one wrote.

"Oh god how did u not know that’s what this was?"another questioned.

"The fire hydrant near me gets used all the time by the water board. Fun to watch sometimes," a third said.


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"…annnnnd the number on top is the hose connector size, and the number underneath is the distance in metres from the sign… you're welcome," someone else wrote.

Some also corrected Ollie, explaining that the hydrant doesn't just "pop up" – it's accessed by a special tool carried by firefighters.

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