People are only just realising there's a secret compartment for needles on a cotton reel & it's blowing their minds | The Sun

WHETHER you're a sewing enthusiast working on a new project or a mum who has sewn up a loosen hem, chances are you've picked up a needle and thread at one point or another.

But while many people keep their sewing needles safe in a pillbox or pincushion, turns out there's another much more convenient place they can be stored.

And people can't believe they're only just realising it…

TikTok user @fabricdirectonline posted a video and asked: "Did you know there's a secret compartment for needles?"

She's then seen seen unscrewing the top of the cotton reel to reveal a secret compartment where she stores her needles.

The video has since gone viral and received over 152,000 views – with many all flabbergasted they didn't realise sooner.


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"Whattt NO WAY," wrote one.

A second who was in shock commented: "Whatttt?"

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A third quipped: "My flabber has been gasted!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "It took me 56 years to realise this????"

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Another joked: "It makes me mad that I didn’t know this."

A further penned: "They very well kept the 'secret.'"

And one more recalled: "I’m 61 years old, sewed since I was in highschool.

"Never did I hear about this. Maybe they came out when I was raising teens, I lost my mind then."

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