Parents have a very specific theme when naming their kids & everyone’s comparing them to strippers | The Sun

ONE couple was determined that their kids would be walking billboards for their love.

But social media users are insisting that the only thing their themed baby names do is scream that stripping is a family business.

An unidentified mother-of-five shared her kids' names in a Facebook group.

"My husband and I married 10 years ago on Valentine's Day so our kids' names are based on that holiday," she said.

She added that she is currently pregnant with a girl and wants name suggestions that go with the rest of the family.

Her oldest daughter, fittingly, is named Valentine.

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She also has a son named Hart and another daughter named Love.

Finally, she has a pair of twin girls named Candy and Cinnamon.

A screenshot of the mother's post was reshared in the Facebook group "That's it I'm bored and shaming everything 2.0" – where commenters were not impressed.

"Those poor poor kids. They are all going to have tough lives. I’d love to see how many of them change their names as adults," wrote one.

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"Candy and cinnamon for twins… Setting them up for one career field and one career field only," added another.

In fact, quite a few commenters were sure that mom and dad had already picked out their kids' future careers as exotic dancers.

"Why do they hate their kids so much and give them stripper names?" asked one.

"I'm just wondering how many of these kids will be mistaken for strippers when they get older," said another.

"Category is: is it a dog name or a stripper name," wrote a third.

A fourth said: "Every single one of those kids is going to be picked on and later a stripper."

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Some made tongue-in-cheek suggestions for their next kid, including Boxa Chocolate, Dozen Roses, Whitmans-Sampler, Hallmark, Bouquet, and Conversation Hearts.

"Based off my own Valentine's experiences, how about Jilted, Bitter, Pint (of Ben and Jerry's), RomCom, or Alone?" quipped one woman.

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