Of All the Sweatpants I Own, This Is the $25 Pair I Can't Stop Wearing

Of All the Sweatpants I Own, This Is the $25 Pair I Can’t Stop Wearing

I own more sweatpants than I’d like to admit. I have baggy ones, ones that are cuffed at the ankle, tie-dye pairs . . . you name it, I own it. Since most of my days are spent working from home, I barely wear anything else (I’m not complaining, though). The pair that I reach for time and time again, though, is my favorite for one reason: they’re so lightweight. The Old Navy Mid-Rise Tapered-Leg Jogger Pants ($25) has turned into my new go-to pair.

My apartment can get really hot in the afternoon, but I like staying cozy in my sweats. While all my other options are too fluffy and hot, these are just right. The next best thing about them is that they’re actually stylish and presentable to leave the house in. If I have to run an errand to grab something at the store, they actually look cute with some sneakers and a denim jacket. I have them in a cute maroon shade, but they come in over 10 color choices and fun patterns. Plus, at just $25, you can’t really beat the price. If you’re looking for the perfect new joggers, these are definitely the ones. Keep reading to shop all the choices and snag a pair for yourself.

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