My 'tacky & greedy' cousin wants wedding gifts from people who weren't invited, her demands are bizarre & very expensive | The Sun

A NEWLYWED couple have sparked outrage after requesting gifts totaling an eye-watering $35,000.

It has become common practice for couples to ask their family and friends to contribute to honeymoon costs or to buy presents for their new life together.

However, not everyone is a fan of the trend and one woman accused her cousin of being “greedy” with the items listed on her gift wishlist.

She took to Reddit’s wedding shaming forum to blast the “honeymoon fund from another universe.”

She confessed that she had cringed after reading the lengthy list of expensive desired items and thought it was “tacky” that her cousin had sent it despite not inviting her to the wedding.

“My cousin already got married (courthouse?) but just set up a fund to contribute to their international (two countries) honeymoon,” she wrote.

“Many items on the list have nothing to do with a honeymoon (just two examples — $1,200 for one year of housecleaning, $800 toward babysitting future children—she’s almost 50). 

“Not counting gift card requests for varying amounts, items with set amounts total over $35,000.”

The woman sparked a heated discussion about the items on her cousin’s wishlist after pointing out that the bride is in midlife. 

“What’s wrong with people?” she asked.

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“Betting that if they have an actual ceremony they’ll expect more gifts.

"I’ll give a gift if/when I’m invited to a ceremony.”

Responses to the post all agreed the items on the wishlist seemed extravagant.

However, some empathized with the couple and said hiring cleaners can be pricey depending on the city.

One person wrote: “It's alright to have one stretch/stupid item, but all that? Nah.”

Another commented: “I mean I think asking for contributions to honeymoon is fine. 

“We had a house and stuff already when we got married so a lovely two weeks in the Maldives was definitely better for us. Some people got us gifts and that was fine too. 

“This is kinda insane? Who is giving over a grand as a wedding gift!”

A third added: “People get so wild with registries. 

“One person I went to high school with wanted furniture, so a majority of their items started around $300+. 

“Same person threw a huge fit when they didn't get their honeymoon paid for (I think a grand total of $25 was gifted). 

“They also did a potluck at their wedding, so it really felt like they were trying to skip out on paying for anything since the parents paid for pretty much everything else. 

“I should probably mention they were 19 or 20 when this all went down, so a majority of the guests were college students or working minimum wage. 

“And yes, they are still married to their spouse somehow as far as I know.”

A fourth chimed in: “I want their housekeepers! I paid that for three months!!! 

“The last two weddings I went to they also had honeymoon gifts… People do it differently today…”

Another commenter suggested the woman’s cousin perhaps wasn't serious about all the items on the wishlist.

“I agree it’s tacky but there’s no way your cousin wasn’t making a joke when she added the ‘babysitting future children’ item to the fund,” they wrote.

“I’m pretty sure that she’s serious about the babysitting,” the woman replied. 

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