My skin was red raw and when I got BURNED getting my eyebrows done – I couldn't help but cry in pain

AS the old saying goes, beauty is pain.

From plucking our eyebrows to having to spend hours shaving our legs for silky smooth skin, there's denying fitting the modern-day standards can be quite painful.

One woman knows it better than anyone else, after a visit to the local beauty salon left her with burns.

Sara Lissa, from Virginia, posted her teary reaction to the results on her TikTok, urging the viewers: “If you live in VB (Virginia Beach), don't get your eyebrows done at Nail Plus!''


The fashion-obsessed style guru said she went to get her eyebrows spruced up at the local nail salon where they, apparently, caused the skin around to burn.

“Ouch!'' she cried.

With tears streaming down her face, Sara said not only was she left with burns all over but that the beauty technician had also done them not to her liking.

“She did them so thin!''

“I really don't like them,'' she added.

Despite the burns, there were some who thought the final result wasn't too bad.

For example, one TikToker wrote: “yo, they look good tho!'', with another agreeing: “for real…''

Apparently, Sara's not the only one to have ever found herself in a painful situation like this.

“I had to go to the hospital cuz it got worse!''

According to many, applying a layer of aloe vera is the perfect remedy, and it seems like Sara's burns went away after two weeks after dealing with a home-made recipe.

“For me, as soon as I came home, my mum put some egg whites and sour cream that she had.''

“I have no scars,'' she said.

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