My eight-year-old daughter has Britain’s Messiest Bedroom… she treats it like a changing room, it’s like a bomb zone

THERE'S no denying that children can be messy – with clothes piled up on that one chair and toys spread across their bedroom, it's difficult not to lose patience sometimes.

But, if you think your child is untidy, you might want to think again, as a Glasgow girl has been announced the owner of the Britain's Messiest Bedroom.

After a nationwide search, bed retailers, Happy Beds, picked Emily, 8, as the winner – leaving her with a prize of a brand new bed.

"We all know that getting children to tidy their rooms can be a difficult task and we feel for these parents!'' said Lucy Bolland, Marketing Manager at Happy Beds.

She also hoped the new bed will remain as "an incentive to keep her room tidier in future."


With the grand prize being a new, comfortable bed to sleep in, many took part in the challenge.

But it seemed that none could compete with Emily whose dad said she treated her bedroom like a changing room and liked to spend all the time in the family room instead.

"Anytime tidying is enforced it takes no more than a week to revert back to looking like a bomb zone," he added.

Indeed, with clothes hanging left, right and centre and toys scattered all over the place, it's easy to see why Happy Beds chose the young Glaswegian as their champion.

Emily's dad also hoped the new bed will inspire positive behaviour – let's see how long that lasts!

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