Mums are sharing their best potty training tips including a lightbulb hack which got one boy sorted instantly

FIND potty training a struggle? Mums have been sharing their top tips for helping little ones ditch nappies for good.

The savvy mums took to Facebook to share the methods that have been effective in the toilet department – and most are very simple to copy…

Lightbulb hack

One mum said she uses a colour-changing lightbulb to encourage her son to use ditch nappies – and he ended up skipping potties altogether. 

She explained: “It might not work for everyone but when my boy was potty training I put a colour-change light bulb with remote control in the toilet.

“He went straight from nappies to the toilet and didn’t bother with a potty because he could change the light lol.”

She picked up the colour-changing bulb for £7.99 from B&M – bargain!

Sticker system

A mum shared how she has been training her daughter using a sticker chart.

Taking to Facebook, she explained: “We have a start chart. Stars for wees and poos well for poos lol.”

Each day she documents what her daughter does on the potty and rewards her with the corresponding stickers, which she picked up from eBay.

Using empty nappies on the potty

A savvy mum said she places an open, clean nappy on the potty in order to encourage them to use it. 

She said: “My middle child was terrified of pooping in the potty until we tried this.”

Using books

In order to help your child use toilets and potties, you could try introducing them to the idea using a book.

One mum explained: “There is a fab book called Everybody Poos – I work in a nursery with 2-3 year olds so we do a lot of potty/toilet awareness and the kids LOVE this book.

“(I do need to order a new one as its looking rather battered and torn now!)”

Poo presents

Sometimes gifts truly are the best way to get anyone to do anything.

One mum wrote: “I encourage my little boy to pooh on the potty by having some pooh presents ( wrapped up little cheap presents with a pooh sticker on it).

“Every time he does a pooh he gets a present.”

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