Mum-to-be spelled out ‘baby girl’ in her gender reveal manicure but people brand them ‘cringey’ – The Sun

GENDER reveal parties are big business with coloured cakes and balloons used to announce if you’re having a boy or a girl.

Themed manicures are also rising in popularity, with women using their nails as an announcement board.

One mum-to-be, who’s expecting a little girl, decided to go with a glitzy nail design for her reveal.

With long, clear talons, the pregnant woman spelled out ‘baby girl’ on her fingers using bejewelled lettering.

She finished off the manicure with gems on the tips and on her nail bed, while posing on a pink fluffy backdrop.

While proud of the design, sharing the image with fire and hand clapping emojis, the image ended up on Facebook group That’s It I’m Nail Shaming, where not everyone was as enthusiastic.

The post has racked up hundreds of comments, where people mocked the manicure for being ‘cringey’.

One person said: “Put these back in the 90s where they came from.”

Someone else wrote: “If you were a nail tech it's a cute gender announcement?

“But otherwise it's gross and bad and you should feel bad.”

A third wrote: “Baby Girl is so cringy wow.”

Agreeing, this person wrote: “I f*****g hate the name baby girl. I cringe when I hear it.”

While this person asked: “More importantly what are on the thumbsssss!!!!?”

Not everyone hated the nails, with someone else adding: “I truly hate myself for feeling these.”

Meanwhile this mum-to-be’s gender reveal manicure was mocked as ‘mouldy’.

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