Mum shows clever way to give kids sweets safely this Halloween without trick or treating and it cost her nothing

HALLOWEEN is going to be a rather different affair this year, but one mum's clever idea means her local kids can get sweets safely without trick or treating.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, she revealed she will be hanging sweets in the front drive, to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Using an old clothes rail and some string, the mum crafted a spooky spider web – with packets of Haribo on pegs, all safely spread out.

The mum said: "Just an idea for people who want to participate in Halloween this year.

"I have just made this spiders web sweet holder as i wanted an alternative to the pumpkin lollipop holder. 

"It cost me nothing as i had the clothes rail and string already, im going to jazz it up a bit more with Halloween bits i already have.

"Kids can choose the sweet they want and remove easily. Ill be having pumpkins for kids to look at on their travels too".

Trick or treating is banned in tier 2 and 3 areas this year, while those not in local lockdowns will have to stick to the rule of six.

The mum later reassured people she wasn't breaking the rules, adding: "The kids in our area are doing pumpkin trails so wont be going trick or treating – this is just an added bonus for kids on their walk.

"Also the sweets are in packets so will be sprayed down. We wont be opening the door this will be positioned on our driveway."

Her fellow mums absolutely loved the idea, which racked up 12,000 likes in just a number of hours.

Commenting on the post, parents raved: "I love the web you have made" and "Love this idea we have been making gloves stuffed with treats".

But another woman warned: "This is awesome until the first greedy monster comes along and takes them all lol".

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