Mum shows Christmas tree hack to stop toddlers pulling it down & it’s great if you’ve not got much space too

IF you have a cheeky toddler or playful pets, a clever Christmas tree hack could be ideal for you. 

A woman shared how making a flat festive tree could be the solution to baubles being scattered all over the floor – and it’s perfect for homes without much space too. 

All you need to make your toddler-proof tree is a triangular frame to hang on a wall – which could be made out of long sticks if you are on a budget. 

Then all you need to do is zig-zag green tinsel from side to side to create a tree effect. 

Simply add lights and a star at the top and voila! You’ll have a beautiful tree that won’t be pulled down and doesn’t take up room in your lounge. 

A mum posted a photo of the creative tree to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas. 

She wrote: “Saw this and thought I’d share as it was a good idea for space limited rooms and if you have cats or toddlers that might pull it!”

Another person added: “Idea, for mommies who have a toddler.”

Many parents seemed highly impressed with the idea and said it could be a game-changer this December. 

One person raved: “Such a good idea.”

Another added: “love this! Could go in the playroom.”

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