Mum shares easy way she turned a box room into TWO bedrooms for her kids & people are calling it the best they’ve seen | The Sun

IF your children share a bedroom this can potentially cause some problems as they get older.

Well one mum has found a solution to this and turned the tiny box room shared by two of her daughters into two separate bedrooms, giving both children their own space and privacy.

Mum-of-three Hannah Nyomi shared the DIY project to her TikTok account, with one of the videos receiving over 222k views.

The DIY-savvy mum used the frame of the bunk bed to separate the room into two separate spaces, so while both are entered through the same door, both have their own distinct area that gives them more privacy than they previously had.

Adding wooden panels to the top and bottom of the frame creates two separate areas, and while the siblings could still talk to one another, they won’t actually be able to see one another when in the separate ‘rooms.’

Other Tiktokers were in awe of Hannah’s work, with one writing: “Think this is one of the best ones I’ve seen.”

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“My mates had a room like this in the 90's. I thought it was the coolest thing. Made me want to share rooms”, added a second.

While a third wrote: “Such a good idea! Looks sooo lush.”

However some TikTokers didn’t seem to be a fan, one user commented: “So you changed a bedroom into a cage?”

To which Hannah jokingly replied: “Yes I did exactly that…complete with chains and padlock for when I can't be bothered to parent.”

“A lot of work for a bed they'll grow out of in 2 years” added another critic.

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While one troll wrote: “Or we don't have more kids than we have rooms for privacy is important.”

Hannah responded to this comment, writing: “Not sure what your point is, this video is very much giving them their own space/privacy…”

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