Mum-of-three shares her mammoth eight-week cleaning schedule & claims it’ll help keep your house spotless

THIS cleaning queen keeps her home absolutely spotless – and she’s sharing exactly how she does it.

With step-by-step tutorials and even a printable cleaning checklist, this mum has repeatedly gone viral for her amazing cleaning hacks.

The Canadian mum, who goes by the username @nottheworstcleaner, has been called a “magical Tiktok cleaning angel”.

These five tips and tricks are sure to help your house become a haven.

In one of her most viral videos, which has racked up 225,000 views, the mum explains how she gets her mirrors sparkling, mist-resistant, and free from streaks.

She says: “I start with my spray, which is just a little bit of Dawn dish soap and some water and some vinegar, and I wipe with a window cloth.

“If I’m doing mirrors – bare with me – shaving cream.”

She puts a small amount of shaving cream onto a microfibre cloth and the results speak for themselves.

The side of the window that she has cleaned is completely clear and shiny, while the side she hasn’t done is totally misted over.

“There’s no oiling residue, no streaks, it doesn’t even take on steam. Magic,” she explains.

Her next hack is also super effective and affordable.

The Tiktok user shows how she gets a filthy, 15-year-old pan sparkling using some extremely cheap products.

“I had to dig so deep to find this bad boy. It was my mother’s that I got when I moved out, so it’s at least 15 years old.

“I sprayed it down with Dawn dishsoap and water, then sprinkled barkeepers friend cleanser on it to create a paste.”

Then, instead of using a sponge or a scrubber, the cleaning enthusiast uses “a balled-up piece of tinfoil” to scrub the pan.

“After doing this just once, this was the insane result I was able to achieve”, she says.

She also has an amazing hack for keeping her rugs and carpets fresh and smelling gorgeous.

The mum simply sprinkles some lavender cornstarch baby powder on her rugs and carpets, lets it sit and then vacuums it up.

“It will refresh and pull out any dampness or pet odours”, she explains.

She adds: “Leaves them smelling SO fresh, great for before company comes over.”

For extra freshness, she advises that you apply the baby powder to both sides of your rugs.

Finally, the mum’s most popular cleaning hack is actually her incredibly organised cleaning checklist. 

She organises each task by day of the week, and is able to reuse the list, as it’s laminated and she can check off the points using a dry-erase marker. 

She showed the checklist in passing in a daily cleaning video, and commenters went wild.

“Do you have this chart where we can download somehow?!?!” asked one enthused commenter.

Another viewer said: “Would love a copy of your check list!”

The mum now has free downloadable and printable checklists for her followers to use in their own homes.

She has, for example, an eight-week deep cleaning checklist, which she completes twice a year. 

This list involves tasks that usually get pushed to the bottom of the agenda, like sorting through the kids’ toys and packing up clothes that are now too small for her children. 

This way, the mum is always on top of household admin, without getting overwhelmed and having to do an enormous clear-out every few years.

She says these lists are the only things that keep her organised with three young sons running around. 

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