Mum issues a stark warning after spotting a major change in supermarket pricing and packaging | The Sun

A MUM has taken to TikTok to warn fellow shoppers to be more careful when buying food in Tesco.

Jo Rourke, better known to her 100.3k fans as This Mum Cooks, took to TikTok after noticing the popular store had switched up packaging of their vegetables.

''So I just want to warn people about being really super switched on when you're shopping at the moment,'' Jo said in her video.

According to the shopper, she had spotted a bag of carrots going for40p and instantly thought to herself that this deal was cheaper than what it used to be.

''But then I noticed that Tesco have shrunk the size of the bags of carrots.

''So they're no longer a kilo bag – they're 800g bags.

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''Now that's sneaky,'' noted Jo, who wondered which other items the company is doing this with.

''If shopping isn't hard enough right now, they are switching up the packaging so you can't tell whether something is good value or not.

''Shopping is becoming so tricky and this really is sneaky!!''

Fellow shoppers on the popular platform appeared to have noticed the change too, as dozens flocked to comments to warn others.

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''the triple pack pizza now only 2 in a packet,'' claimed one TikTok user.

Someone else added: ''they do that in every supermarket now.

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''Smaller packs but price is up. On self checkout it frequently flags wrong weight.''

''Theres a few products I’ve seen like that. Eg coleslaw’s and potato salad in Lidl. This is standard practice [sic],'' a fourth wrote.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We often adjust pack sizes throughout the growing season.

''These carrots are still the same price per kilo as they were previously and are price matched to Aldi.”

According to Tesco, such adjustments support growers and happen all across the industry.

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