Match your period blood colour to these four fruits for a quick health MOT

MATCHING your period colour to these four fruits can give you a quick health check.

The colour of strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and cherries are all sign s of a healthy period.

But too light of a pink, dark or brown could signal a hormonal problem.

And consistency is also an important factor.

Mariah Rose, who describes herself as a menstrual health coach, uses four fruits to liken your period colour to.

“Healthy menstrual blood comes in a wide range of reds,” Mariah, who lives in Vermont, said in an Instagram post.

“Dark red cherries, pinkish raspberries, true red cranberries, and fire engine red strawberries all represent a healthy period.”

These are all bright vivid reds, as Mariah stressed that “you wanna see red”.

Other colours may signal something is up, especially if it comes with other symptoms.

“If your blood is brown, light pink, or very clumpy and clotty, it is a sign that your menstrual health could use some support,” Mariah claimed.

“Dark, clumpy blood is a sign of excess estrogen, while light pink, watery blood is a sign you don’t have enough estrogen.

“Consistency wise, it should be kinda like maple syrup, and it should flow easily.”

Period blood comes in a variety of shades throughout the bleeding period. 

Sometimes it is a sign of older, or fresher blood. For example brown or black blood is older blood that has been in the uterus for longer.

While pink can sometimes just be period blood combined with vaginal discharge.

But there are more to the colours.


Pink blood can be a sign of lower oestrogen levels, caused by hormonal birth control or perimenopause.

It can also be caused by significant weight loss, which is a symptoms of a variety of diseases, or anaemia.

Anaemia is when someone has a low red blood count, sometimes because they do not have enough iron (iron-deficiency anaemia).

It also causes pale skin, headaches, light-headedness and shortness of breath.

Pink period blood can also be a sign of  pregnancy or miscarriage.


Often menstrual blood goes brown at the end of a period.

It can also be a sign of pregnancy, or that something is wrong during pregnancy.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also cause brown discharge during your period, as you might also notice irregular cycles, excess hair growth and patches of darkened skin.

Brown-coloured discharge could also be a sign of an inflammatory condition, like cervicitis. 


Like brown, black blood may just be older blood that comes at the end of a period.

Sometimes it comes at the start, too.

But you should go to a doctor if it comes with a foul-smelling discharge, fever, difficulty urinating or itching and swelling around the vulva.

This could signal a blockage in the vagina – such as a forgotton tampon, condom or sex toy.

Black blood may also come at the end of a miscarriage. 


Orange blood can in rare cases be a sign of infection.

It may be worth getting a sexual health check to make sure it is not an STI.

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