Louise Redknapp, 47, denies blokes slide into her DM's & says 'I'm old now' as ex Jamie weds model 10-years his junior

SHE'S one of the most eligible bachelorettes in showbiz – but just because Louise Redknapp could bag any bloke she fancies, that doesn't mean the mum-of-two is all that fussed about dating.

In this week's issue of Fabulous magazine – which hits news-stands tomorrow – Louise opens up about her love life and why she's taking time to focus on herself.

In 2017, Louise split from Jamie Redknapp after 19 years of marriage and the couple share sons Charley, 16, and Beau, 13.

When asked if she's chatted up much online, Louise laughed: “I’m old now! No, I don’t. I promise. I will even show you my phone

"No one slides into my DMs, although to be honest, I don’t quite know how to look for them.

"Everyone assumes I’m inundated, but I’m not. Maybe I give off a ‘just leave me be’ vibe. I’m happy doing me right now.”


That said, Louise's teenage sons are keen to see her settle down with someone else – especially now their dad Jamie has remarried.

Last month, the former footballer 48, tied the knot with girlfriend Frida Andersson, 38, and the newlyweds are currently expecting their first child.

However, Louise says she'd prefer to focus on her starring role in the West End musical 9 To 5 and being the best mum she can be.

She said: "[My sons] always say: ‘When are you going to [date]?’ Dating just takes time. I do eight shows in five days!"

And when she's not working, Louise would rather spend quality time with her teenage boys.

She continued: "On my days off, going out and having a social life is not my priority.

"It’s being a mum and stocking up the fridge. All my boys care about is me being happy – whatever that is.

“It sounds basic, but I’ve got two things that are really important to me right now: my kids, because I want to be a solid part of their life, and my work.

"Right now, that’s enough for me, I’m not saying forever. I’m learning to just be OK with myself. I’m not loving myself, but I’ve been OK. I’m getting there.”

Read the full interview in tomorrow's issue of Fabulous magazine – free with The Sun on Sunday.

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