Kylie Jenner and BFF Twin in $3,900 Outfits

Kylie Jenner is always a trendsetter and recently she’s taken the art of twinning to a whole new level.  As usual, her outfits range from sporty fun to casual chic to full-on luxurious glam, but these days it seems that more thought is going into the process of finding outfits that coordinate with everything around her. Jenner has posted many images onto her Instagram account showcasing doppelgänger moments with everything from cars to couches to people — including her daughter Stormi.

Sometimes she even matches the exact print of a stroller, for example. We’re talking serious twinning here. Perhaps it was growing up with a family of lookalike sisters with matching “K” names that started all. Whatever’s behind the move, it sure is amusing to see.

Scroll down to see the 12 times Jenner twinned with her surroundings.


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