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BEING on the cusp of 70 usually has meant paler skin, deeper wrinkles, coarser hair, and more visual signs growing older.

But a plastic surgeon has claimed Kris Jenner's aging journey is different than most after pumping thousands into her looks ahead of her 68th year.

Kris shared a video on Instagram on November 2 in the run-up to her birthday, which is today.

The mom of five's skin mostly looked smooth and her face was slim in the ad for Shutterfly.

Fans reacted to her appearance, with one writing: “You are [an] amazing, young, and beautiful woman."

“Always looking fabulous,” said another.

In October, a photo of the Hulu reality star taken at Victoria Beckham's Paris Fashion Week event revealed wrinkles above her jawline.

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich said Kris had a "sweeping circular contour" on her jowl.

Kris has been candid about some of her cosmetic work, admitting to getting a boob job and a facelift and using Botox.

She has denied everything else, including a nose job.

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In an exclusive interview, Westreich told The U.S. Sun that he believes it's true that she's stayed away from the knife for a while.

“Kris has not had any surgery for a long time," he said.

"She has had a lot of filler dissolved because the volume change showing recently is tremendous.

"Now there is draping on her jowl."

Correcting that would "probably mean doing another facelift," but Westreich said most people only ever have one of those — so it's unlikely Kris would get another.

"Most people only have one facelift in their life," he said.

"If you have had all these surgeries by the time you hit 70, then usually you just do maintenance such as laser and injectables.

"Kris might have to fix the draping with another facelift if it gets worse."


Kris was in her 20s when she married lawyer Robert Kardashian, and through the 90s Kris raised their four kids, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr.

When her husband found out about her affair, they divorced with Kris starting over.

Looking back at photos through the years, Westreich noted changes to Kris' face.

He said: "Kris has good skin, but you do see a progressive change in the quality of her skin over the years, especially around the eyes and the jawline, the neck.

"To say whether she had rhinoplasty is difficult because her nose was straight and then it looked like she injured it.

"She admitted to getting her first breast augmentation in the 80s."


In 1991, Kris married Caitlyn Jenner and welcomed Kendall in 1995. Kylie followed in 1997.

Kris kept her shorter hair and dressed for the red carpet while boosting her husband's profile.

As Kim’s career began to rocket rounds of red carpets followed.

By 2009, grandmotherhood beckoned as Mason Disick was born.

Westreich said: "It does not look like there has been rhinoplasty over the years.

"Her nose started to look pretty crooked so it was likely injured.

"It looks a little less wonky now but that could be makeup.

"She admitted to a second breast augmentation or a replacement.

"Over time her breast augmentations would have cost her up to $100,000.

"She would have started using Botox and fillers in the early 2000s."


By 2011, Kris was the driving force behind her daughter's careers, landing them deals and contracts.

She became a power dresser and started tweaking her looks.

Kris went under the knife on KUWTK and had a neck and jaw lift.

Her 2014 divorce from Caitlyn saw her switch up her looks further.

Westreich said: "Facelifts at the high-end level can cost around $100,000.

"The issue is that after she had this surgery it looks like she lost weight over time.

"Facial fat loss also occurs through aging and so the tissue on the jowl gets redraped.

"During this period after her facelift, Kris was also doing filler, laser, and Botox as well."


By 2015, Kris' looks were noticeably changing and she started a relationship with talent manager Cory Gamble.

She opened up about some of the work she had done during an appearance on E!

“Botox and fillers and laser [treatments] and things like that," she said.

Kris added: "I had a boob job in the ’80s after four kids because gravity took over.”

"This would be a maintenance period where Kris might be spending around $4,000 a year on laser treatments," added Westreich.

"Her Botox treatments would go up to around $10,000 a year."


As the Kardashian empire expanded, more grandkids were born. By 2019, Kris was looking younger than ever.

Alongside her daughters, Kris sported a fuller face, thinner lips, and a rounded nose and chin.

Kris had a hip replacement in 2022 when she also hinted at another boob job.

“I'd love to have my boobs re-done, I mean, who wouldn't?" she said.

Westreich added: "Kris has continued with laser treatments.

"In 2019, there is a line of demarcation at the bottom of her neck. This shows where she did laser, and where she did not do laser.

"She may have had some sort of tightening procedures as well.

"She still uses Botox."

Westreich confirmed Kris' key issue now is the draping above her jawline: "The main thing I see now is this jowl draping," he said.

"It is not an unusual kind of contour issue and you do see it in patients long-term after a facelift.

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"It does not have to be corrected, and you can try and improve it with filler.

"Kris has been dissolving her fillers, so she may opt for a second facelift."

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