Kate Middleton’s ‘confident’ parenting style revealed as she makes George ‘feel equal’ with subtle gestures at Wimbledon | The Sun

AS we're sure most mums will agree, it's always a bit nerve-wracking taking your kids to a formal event – because quite honestly, we never can tell when they're going to have a total tantrum out of nowhere.

So ahead of Prince George's Wimbledon debut today, you'd think that Kate Middleton and Prince William would be anxious about how their eldest son will behave.

But according to body language expert Judi James, the total opposite is true.

Analysing the Cambridge family's arrival at Centre Court this afternoon, Judi says Kate appeared totally "confident" that her son would get all the "royal rituals" right.

She explained: "George is already such a huge fan of one of his dad’s favourite sports, football, and William has already immersed his son in all the joys of the game, so it must have been a special treat for Kate to introduce him to tennis here, and the way she uses body language to steer and encourage her son through what was a royal appearance as well as a thrilling watch shows skill and subtlety."

The Duchess – who is Wimbledon's royal patron – gently placed her arm on George's shoulder as he shook hands with a security guard.

The mum-of-three then walked towards chairman Ian Hewitt – who bowed for the future King.

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Judi said: "Kate uses a series of ongoing tie signs , i. e small touches, to help cue him through his greetings and handshakes.

"She pats him gently to let him know when to move forward and mimic her own greetings and she appears to be helping to prompt some small talk between George and their hosts.

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"Her beam of utter pride as she gazed down at George lets everyone, including him, know of her confidence in her son to get all the rituals right.

"This is probably also one of the most important aspects of her parenting. While she’s happy to encourage and reward her son with the fond touches, there are no glances of anxiety or any over-prompting to compromise his confidence.

"William and Kate seem to understand the need to be tactile and supportive but without any form of the kind of signals of over-caution that can make a child feel nervous or wary. 

"Kate even leans in towards her son with an arm round his back to make him feel like an equal."

After greeting other members of staff inside Centre Court, Prince William – who arrived earlier – came over to welcome his son and wife to the Championships.

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The expert added: "It’s so rewarding to see George move straight up to his dad for a hug too, and the way William moves straight to Kate for the second hug to make them feel and look like a tight family unit."

Wondering why Prince George is wearing a suit to the Wimbledon final? Well, it's reportedly all part of Kate Middleton's "plan" to help him understand his future as King.

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