Kate Middleton gently steps in to stop Prince Louis sucking his thumb at Trooping the Colour

AS we were all expecting, Prince Louis totally stole the show at the Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

The one-year-old tot made his first royal outing for the Queen's official birthday celebrations over the weekend and looked absolutely adorable as he waved to crowds gathered on the Mall.

However, there was one habit the youngest Cambridge child couldn't stop himself from doing as he appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony – and that was sucking his thumb.

In between royal waves and being passed between his mum and dad, little Prince Louis kept falling back on the common habit for comfort.

Prince William first spotted his third child was sucking his thumb while they were waiting for the Red Arrows to fly overhead.

The Duke of Cambridge tried to gently remove Louis' thumb from his mouth while holding him in his arms with little success.

Spotting that her husband was struggling, Kate – like the pro parent she is – then swooped in and effortlessly removed Louis' thumb from his mouth.

Luckily for the Royal Family, Prince Louis DIDN'T burst to tears on the spot… unlike some tots we know.

However, there's no denying that he looked rather moody with his mother for stepping in and stopping him.

What's more, this wasn't the only time we spotted Prince Louis cheekily sucking his thumb on Saturday.

Is thumb sucking bad for children's teeth?

  • Your child sucking on their thumb doesn't damage their teeth but it can encourage an open bite – which is when teeth move to make space for either a dummy or a thumb
  • Thumb sucking doesn't cause permanent problems as long as your child stops before they get their second teeth
  • However, it can be a challenging habit to break
  • The habit can affect speech development which is why you should avoid using dummies or stop your child from sucking their thumb by the time they reach 12 months

Source: NHS

Before his Buckingham Palace balcony debut, Prince Louis was photographed peering out the windows with his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Although his older siblings were much more fascinated by the crowds gathered below, little Louis looked pensively down at the Mall while sucking on his thumb.

What's more, Prince Louis was dressed in the exact same shirt his uncle Prince Harry wore to make his first Trooping the Colour appearance 30 years ago.

In more Royal Family news, Prince William had a "roving eye" before breaking up with Kate "who did everything she could to make him stay", an insider has claimed.

And royal fans were disappointed "adorable" Prince George and Princess Charlotte didn't ride in carriages at the Trooping the Colour.

Plus Meghan Markle will hire a non-traditional nanny for Archie that has been recommended by her Hollywood friends, a royal historian claims.

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