Kanye West is delegating hard work to Bianca Censori with recent choices & looks unusually 'submissive,' expert says | The Sun

KANYE West beefed up his coverup stunts as he traveled in Europe with his new wife, a body language expert has said.

She claimed the rapper’s gestures have switched toward Bianca Censori, and she bore the brunt of his workload.

Kanye, 46, has been traipsing Bianca, 28, around Europe amid plenty of controversial antics and fashion stunts.

In Italy, Bianca's outfits became more revealing as the music producer simultaneously started to conceal his face and body.

Body language expert Judi James suggested Kanye may have even used a body double when the pair arrived in London.

This comes as an insider told The U.S. Sun how managing Kanye was not easy.

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: “It looks like Kanye has started delegating all the hard work to Bianca.

“This is shown in her revealing outfits, poses, and body language.

“While Bianca has been doing all the legwork, Kanye has been covering up more and more to be invisible.

“He does not have to smile or respond to the cameras, take selfies, or speak to anyone.

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“Kanye has been showing up without anything being seen and with no real effort at all.

“He has also started to look submissive while adopting a bouncer pose.

"This is very unusual for the normally arrogant-looking rapper.”

During London Fashion Week, Bianca and Kanye attended the Mowalola SS24 Catwalk show.

The September 15 event saw Kanye decked out in an all-black outfit with a heavy scarf over his head and around his neck – partially concealing his identity.

His younger Australian architect wife wore a white bodysuit and nude bandeau, with only a thong on underneath.

James said it was here that Kanye could have used a body double.

“It could be fair to ask if it is always Kanye inside these cover-up outfits," she said.

“After all, it is a logical next step for him.

"This would mean he does not even have to turn up anymore.

"He could perform a sneaky switch so he can take the odd day off.”

While Bianca's style has been transformed over the months, Kanye's incognito fashion attempts kicked off a decade ago.

He performed wearing a Balenciaga face mask on stage in 2012.

From there, covering his face and body became part of his routine.

In 2022, Kanye was seen wearing all black with a full black face mask heading out for dinner in Los Angeles.

This was after he reportedly had an argument with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

That same year, he also wore a mask to the Super Bowl.

Since marrying Kanye in January, Bianca has fast become his fashion muse.

She first started working for Kanye as an architectural designer in 2020.

Sources told The U.S. Sun that Bianca has also become the fashion designer's communications liaison.

One said: "People in his circle started calling her the Kanye West Whisperer."

They added: "She's the only one who understands how to talk to him without turning him off."

James noted a change in Kanye’s body language toward Bianca in the UK.

“The pose that might spark suspicion and change is where he is standing at the London fashion event,” she said.

“He has his hands clasped meekly in front of his body and head slightly bowed.

“Kanye’s face is more covered than normal so it looks like only part of his nose is visible.

“His legs are splayed. If this fashion show pose looks familiar, it is because it is a look adopted by club bouncers and security guards.

“Maybe this time Kanye secretly recruited someone handy so he could take the night off.”

James continued: “Kanye has his shoulders pushed low and hunched forward and his arms hanging to the front.

“Even when he does look up at the camera, the eyes do seem to lack the power-gaze Kanye likes to adopt.

“When he poses next to Bianca in a standing pose, he seems to adopt a stance with head down and hood pulled low.

"This Kanye even wears long sleeves – hiding his arm tattoo."

James compared Kanye's coverup stunts with Kim's iconic outfit at the New York Met Gala.

"Kim appeared in her black incognito outfit at the Met back in 2021, " she said.

"At the time it looked like the most extreme form of statement dressing.

“She is so famous and recognizable that, even covered top to toe, she was obviously Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye has been copying this, but his clothing bundles and head wraps define the word incognito.

“Walking around Italy with his nearly-nude bride in tow, he is as instantly anonymous as Kim was instantly recognizable.



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“Anonymity like this could be the perfect dress-up code play for someone like Kanye.

"But it means, body double or not, Bianca has to do all the work around it."

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