Jessie J Admits Her Tattoo Is Spelled Wrong But She Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks

Jessie J doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her misspelled tattoo!

On Thursday, Jessie, 31, shared a sexy photo of herself posing in a body of water, wearing a baby pink bikini that showed off the ink on her hip which is song lyrics that say “loose” instead of “lose.”

“Yes my tattoo says… ‘don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars,’” Jessie captioned the post.

“Yes they are MY lyrics from my song ‘Who You Are.’ Yes that I wrote.”

“Yes I spelt the tattoo wrong. Yes I repeat it’s spelt wrong. Yes I got it done in Essex. Yes the tattoo artist didn’t mention it. Yes I was 18. Yes It’s the reason I wear everything high waisted.”

“And YES I know I have small boobs,” Jessie continued.

The “Bang Bang” singer then went on to tell trolls not to “waste your time telling me like I don’t see them everyday [sic].”

“Don’t @ me. K bye,” Jessie concluded.

Jessie’s fans applauded her admission, cheering her on with comments like “Don’t waste your time telling them anything Jess, you are the most beautiful queen ever! Haters gonna find some flaws anyway even if you DON’T have ANY.”

Another user wrote: “You are amazing just the way you are.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jessie has proved to be unapologetically herself.

Back in March, Jessie shared a photograph of herself in a black bikini, proudly showing off her curves, much to the delight of her fans.

“Took ages to hairspray my hair like that. My shadow is my mood,” Jessie wrote.

“Oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror,” she continued, adding a thumbs up emoji.

The singer’s fans came to her side once again saying, “I absolutely love that you didn’t photoshop the natural cellulite under the booty.”

“Owning that cellulite like a beautiful boss!!” another fan said.

“Channing is one lucky dude,” added yet another one of the singer’s supporters, referencing her boyfriend, Channing Tatum.

The couple started dating in October, and Tatum, 39, went to London in March with Jessie to see her friends and family.

“It was their first trip together to England as a couple,” a source told PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “They seem pretty serious.”

To celebrate the Magic Mike star’s 39th birthday in April, Jessie sang Tatum a sweet message.

In an Instagram Story video posted on Friday, the singer cheekily zoomed in on illustrations of women with speech bubbles saying “I want you” and “I miss you.”

As she showed off the illustrations, she could be heard off-camera singing, “It’s your birthday, do, do what you want” to the tune of her song, “It’s My Party.” While she sang, a voice that appeared to be Tatum’s could be heard chuckling in the background.

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